Project sales and marketing management

Innerwest are ‘Master Agents’ on development sites across NSW. With over a decade of experience working with local and international brands and developments across 37 of some of the fastest selling new developments in the region, we have the experience and track record to handle all aspects of the project sales and marketing process, from concept to completion.

Sold on success

Our experience ensures that the developer has lower overall costs on commissions, lower costs on marketing through relationships with media partners, more direct sales, faster rate of sale, higher returns and ensures the development secures pre-sales in order to proceed.

We have a 100% success rate in delivering new projects to market that proceed to construction and settle.

Our network

Innerwest has a long established network of agents that have sold in other developments on the NSW and has more experience managing successful developments in NSW in the last ten years than any other project sales and marketing agency.

According to research by Innerwest, over 85% of new developments in the NSW in the past 10 years have been sold through external sales channels. This research outlines the importance on working with a brand that has established relationships with the local general Real Estate Agencies and other sales referral channels.


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